Website Design

Clock By Room – This website was created as a consumer-facing storefront. It is SEO-optimized, integrated with Google Analytics, and utilizes complex pricing and strategic UI.

Tanhiti – This website was created as mainly an informational page for the patrons of the Tanhiti Sun Spa, a tanning salon. It is optimized for keywords and designed with an information-seeking user in mind.

Amazon Listing Optimization

Windmill Wall Clock – This is just one example of an Amazon product that I’ve successfully launched. This is a relatively new product, but is already receiving hundreds of listing views a month and has begun to pick up in sales. Extensive keyword research was done on this item and was utilized in the title, description, and key features.

Ebay Listing Optimization

Square Farmhouse Mirror – Before this listing became my responsibility, it received under 10 views a week and a CTR of almost 0%. After some optimization, it now receives over 200 views a week and enjoys a CTR of almost 1%. This listing was optimized completely from the images to the product description. 

Graphic Design

Simple Graphic Design – I have experience using Adobe Creative Cloud including Photoshop and Spark to do simple graphic design. I also have experience using software geared towards social media graphics such as Canva.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing – I have experience crafting and executing a content marketing strategy. I have been a freelance content writer for some time now and I’m fully capable of writing well-researched content that ranks well. I can optimize content, images, and header tags for keywords and LSI keywords. My experience in content marketing spans several niches.

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